The Dunces Series

Josh. Magnolia. Wang. Wilmot. Four ordinary kids stuck in a world of clueless teachers and pushy parents. There's only one way to fight back. Band together in a secret club!

A club called Dunces Anonymous...

"Spot-on plotting and a great cast of characters!"

— Gordon Korman, NY Times bestselling author

Dunces Anonymous

Josh Johnson's mother wants him to run for class president. Josh just wants to run and hide. If only there were a club to help downtrodden eleven-year-olds escape from their pushy parents! But since no such club exists, Josh has to invent one. A club called Dunces Anonymous. With Josh's strategic brain, Magnolia's dramatic flair, and Wang's derring-do, they might just triumph over the adults in their lives! 

"Never has losing been such laugh-out-loud fun!"

 — Tim Wynne-Jones

Dunces Rock


Wilmot Binkle dreams of rock'n'roll stardom. But his grouchy dad won't permit an electric guitar in the house. When Principal Hale cancels the school's Drama and Music program, only one thing can save Wilmot's dreams from disaster — Dunces Anonymous! Joined by a mysterious teenager named Headcase, our heroes set out on a wacky crusade to rescue Drama and Music from the evil forces of adulthood! 

"Fast-paced and funny!"

— Booklist

Hypnotic Dunces 


The Dunces are back again, with more madcap action and sidesplitting schemes! When their arch-nemesis Stacey Hogarth threatens to take over the Drama Club, the Dunces conspire to defeat her with the power of the Magnificent Marvello’s Hypnotic Medallion. But their plans go awry when Wang accidentally hypnotizes Wilmot’s grandfather into thinking he’s 12 years old.

Can this crazy crew solve their problems on a Junior Survival Weekend with Josh’s long-lost dad? Or will Stacey triumph at last? Follow our heroes’ hilarious pranks and pratfalls in the latest Dunces adventure!