My Life in Journalism

I  began my journalism career in 1997 at the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, where I chased hard-news stories, covering everything from murder cases to city politics.


After a year the Telegraph-Journal, I was offered a reporting job at the Ottawa Citizen. Working for a major daily offered new opportunities. When Montrealer Vaira Vike-Freiberga was elected president of Latvia, I travelled to that north-European country to write a feature on her life story. Speaking German fluently, I was assigned to cover the historic war-crimes trial of Julius Viel in Munich.


I spent five years covering the Environment beat in the Citizen’s Parliament Hill bureau. Besides covering two federal elections, I wrote stories on global climate change, national parks, and protection of endangered species. As newsroom technology changed, I became adept at new Internet-based forms of journalism, writing webhits and live Twitter-feeds from breaking news events.

From 2010 to 2017 I worked as a freelance magazine journalist, writing for publications as diverse as National Geographic Kids, Canada’s History, Canadian Nurse and Ottawa Magazine. I also wrote my first non-fiction book, a biography of biochemist Dr. Ruey J. Yu, published by the University of Ottawa Press.


In 2016 I upgraded my skills with an intensive video production course at Ryerson University. My multi-media work is showcased on my Video and Podcasts pages, while a small sample of my written work can be found on the right.


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