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A Very Tranquil Murder

Bobbie Clyde escapes the Toronto rat-race to open the B&B of her dreams in Québec's idyllic Laurentian mountains. Then the pandemic hits.  And, to top it off, she discovers a wedding guest dead in her hot-tub. Was the man's death simply an unfortunate accident? Or could it be a case of murder?


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Hayley Makk is a wisecracking high school dropout who works as a cub reporter for her dad's independent tabloid newspaper in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She's the kind of girl who talks tough, bleeds ink, and can handle the discovery of a dead body. So what's she doing stuck on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean with a nerd named Ernest, chasing an endangered sea turtle?  It turns out, she's getting the murder scoop of her young life.

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Edge of Flight

Edge of Flight is the toughest rock-climbing route Vanisha has ever faced. She's got last chance to conquer it before moving to  university, when she heads to the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas with her buddies Rusty and Jeb for a final weekend of climbing and camping. Deep in the woods, they stumble on an illegal marijuana plantation and the gang of bikers who guard it. When Jeb is shot by the bikers, Vanisha alone can save him.

"Filling the pages with action and suspense, Jaimet keeps readers glued until the final daring rescue is made." — Canadian Children's Book News

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Break Point

Connor Trent's summer job at the historic Bytowne Tennis Club throws him into confrontation with his rich-kid rival, Rex Hunter, whom he will battle for a berth in the National Junior Tournament. After a series of fundraisers is sabotaged, Connor suspects that someone wants to bankrupt the club and take over its valuable riverfront property. A fabled trophy, rumored to contain hidden cash, might solve all of Connor's problems—if  only he can beat Rex to win it.

"Filled with fast-paced action." — Apartment 613

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