Mixed Doubles

Stuck in an unpaid internship at a tumble-down community tennis club, Chandra must prove her mettle by raising enough money to fix the roof before the City inspector shuts the club down. But when her boyfriend Vin unwittingly causes a rift between a Baby-Boomer donor and her philandering husband, the young couple must embark on a mad scheme to win back the donor's good graces and save the club — and Chandra's job prospects — from ruin.


Genders and generations collide in this hilarious 21st century farce!

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The Royal Flush

Two sisters inherit a cabin in the woods where their ne'er-do-well father may — or may not — have hidden a fortune in casino winnings. A comedy of love, greed and family in the backwoods of North Ontario. 


"Comedy comes in many forms, so think of Neil Simon’s comedic drama style when you go to this one.  It has the banter, and the zingers, and the little double takes and silent stares that were his trademark. Just picture all this happening in a cabin during a northern Ontario blizzard ... A very relatable North of Sudbury experience." — apt613

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Rock the School

Leith Logan Bunkle's rock'n'roll dreams seem doomed to dust after Principal Hale cancels the school's Drama and Music program. But when a mysterious guitarist named Headcase persuades Leith and a crew of oddball friends to start their own band, they soon prove that rock'n'roll can never die. 

Clueless parents, duelling cheerleaders and a punk-rocking baby sister round out the cast of this high-energy, madcap musical.

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Workplace Wellness

A drug bust goes awry when the police force hires a Jungian psychotherapist to serve as the Workplace Wellness Officer. 

  Produced at:

  • The King's Shorts Festival 2017

  • Hollywood Short & Sweet 2017

  • Aukland Short & Sweet 2017

  • Dubai Short & Sweet 2018

Schools and community theatre groups may download the script and perform the play free of charge. However, please email me to tell me about your production. Please contact me for permission to publish/anthologize the script, or perform it professionally.